Bijzonder bezoek aan het Slot


Na 40 jaar weer terug in het Slot 

Na 40 jaar was de familie Helmer weer terug op het Slot, waar zij elkaar 40 jaar geleden het 'ja-woord' gaven. De familie woonde destijds in Driebergen, maar wonen inmiddels al bijna 40 jaar in de Verenigde Staten. Tijdens hun vakantie in Nederland werden zij door hun kinderen verrast met een bezoek aan het Slot. De familie heeft erg genoten van hun bezoek aan het Slot en het ophalen van mooie herinneringen. 

Na afloop ontvingen wij van hun zoon mooie woorden met een aantal bijzondere foto's. Wij delen graag deze foto's en woorden (met toestemming van de familie Helmer)!

Mooie woorden

Everything that was arranged at the Slot was perfect.  The weather, although cloudy and misty, was almost exactly how it was on the day they were married.  The driver pulled us right up to the front and we took a few pictures before heading to the brasserie.  My mom was already nearly in tears before we sat down to eat, just from being back.  My mom was totally shocked by the bouquet, which was absolutely beautiful.  She commented how much nicer it was than her flowers even on her wedding day. I don't think the flowers left her hands for the rest of the day. They were perfect. Our lunch was delicious. We each had a variety of choices from the menu and all of them were excellent. 
Also, I cannot say enough great things about the Brasserie staff, especially Silvia and Fleur. They were so helpful, so sweet, and so welcoming, which made our time so much more special. I know they could tell how much it meant to my parents, and they gave us exceptional service!  Please send my sincere gratitude to them and the rest of the staff of the Brasserie. 
The tour through the Slot was very nice.  Although they were married in William's Hall, they had not seen most of the other rooms, so it was exciting for them (and for my brother and I) to visit the rest of the building.  It was very beautiful and interesting to learn about the history. 
Overall, we had an amazing trip to the Netherlands, and our journey to the NMM and Slot Zeist was the absolutely highlight for my parents! It was so special.  I don't think they could have imagined a better day being their with my brother and I and getting to share in their joy.  Of course, I could never have done any of this without your and Jette's assistance. I am so thankful for everything that the both of you helped arrange, from the taxi service to the flowers and petit fours. I would never have been able to make it so special on my own. I am forever grateful!
Bobby Helmer